Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Medical Records Department?

The Medical Records Department is located in a separate building to the right of the hospital. When pulling in the parking lot, continue to the right and park near the heliPad. The Medical Records Department is located in the metal building, just forward of the loading dock. Walk up the wooden ramp, and you'll see the glass door on your left.


Where do I pay a bill?

Bills can be paid by mail or by coming to the information desk on the lowest floor of the hospital. Enter the main front entrance, and proceed down the hall about 20 feet. The information desk will be on your left.


Where are the doctors' offices located, and how do I contact them?

Please see the Physicians Page for complete information.


Who is your CEO and CFO?

Please see the Administration Page for complete information. 

Where are the patient rooms?

The patient rooms are on the second floor. Please park in the lot in front of the hospital, and take the elevator to the second floor. Once exiting the elevator, turn right and take the first hall to the right. If you can't find the room you're looking for, proceed down the hall, and you'll see the nurses' station where you can receive additional information.


How do I get copies of my lab work?

Due to federal law, results of tests cannot be given to you over the phone. They can only be reported to a licensed health care provider by phone, fax or other electronic means. Patients can pick up copies of their results, but they MUST be picked up in person from the Medical Records Department. Once at the Medical Records Department, you will be asked to sign a release. You also may be asked to provide identification. Note: The Laboratory will not provide you a copy of your results. Results must be picked up in person from the Medical Records Department.


How do I express concerns about the Laboratory?

It is important that laboratory professionals and all users of laboratory services are afforded the opportunity to express concerns about the quality of a laboratory's testing when needed. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has a brochure that tells you the steps necessary to issue a complaint.


Click here to view the brochure: CLIA Complaint Form.