About Senior Care

photo of young nurse's hand atop elderly person's hand

What is Senior Care?

Senior Care is an eight-bed geriatric psychiatric program that offers emotional and behavioral health services for older adults. Patient needs are addressed through medication management, a variety of therapies, education, family support programs and wellness programs. Referrals are accepted for patients who meet criteria for either voluntary or involuntary admission.


Who does Senior Care help?

Senior Care is designed for older adults who are having difficulty coping with the changes that aging brings. Many of our clients suffer from confusion, depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-harm, hallucinations, agitation, paranoia, and aggression. The program strives to not only alleviate these symptoms but to encourage patients to regain as much independence as possible.


What does it cost?

Program services for qualified patients are covered by Medicare A & B, Aetna Commercial, Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, Novanet, Amerigroup, and Healthsprings.  SCU is continually working to secure other advantage plans.


How does the program work?

Following individualized patient assessment and treatment planning, a team of health care professionals provides cohesive, high-quality treatment to each patient through group and individual counseling, medication management, recreational activities, family therapy, activity therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and individualized discharge planning.


Who is the Senior Care team?

The Senior Care Unit is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of caring professionals who have exhibited special concern for the elderly. They include a psychiatrist, Dr. Todd Glen Webb, mental health nurse practioner, Carey Reed, medical director, Dr. Jesse Lee Copeland, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, activity therapists, and registered and licensed practical nurses. 


How do I refer a patient?

Referrals to the Senior Care Unit can come from physicians, mental health professionals, nursing care centers, family members or by self referrals. Referrals and admissions are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone: 1-800-777-8553 or 931-243-5265.


How are patients admitted to the Senior Care Unit?

After receiving a referral, our trained Senior Care staff will conduct a thorough assessment to determine eligibility. We will visit a patient in the hospital or clinic, at their home, or nursing care facility. 


What if a patient has other medical problems?

Upon arrival at Cumberland River Hospital, each patient is routed through the emergency room for assessment and evaluation of any known or underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to that person's emotional and/or behavioral symptoms. Once determined to be medically stable, the patient will be immediately admitted to the Senior Care Unit. While at Senior Care, each patient will be followed by a primary care physician as well as a psychiatrist. The Senior Care Unit is staffed by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses 24 hours a day, and patients' medical needs are continuously monitored. Since we are located at Cumberland River Hospital, a patient can be transferred immediately to receive emergency services if problems arise.


What about the patient's progress?

Physicians are routinely informed of the patient’s progress on the Senior Care Unit. In addition, other caregivers (home health, nursing care facilities, families, etc.) are informed regarding the patient and the discharge plans as appropriate.