Home Health FAQ

photo of nurse with patient at home

What is home health care? 

Home health care services are services that are rendered by a skilled professional in a patient’s home. This may include a combination of occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy and skilled nursing, as well as non-skilled professionals for personal care. All care is directed by a physician’s order.


How does one receive home health care? 

The physician makes a referral to the agency, and then a registered nurse evaluates the needs of the patient. The nurse, in coordination with the physician and the patient’s insurance, develops an individualized plan of treatment.


When would home health services be appropriate? 

There are numerous instances when home health services are needed. Home health services would be appropriate for a patient recently discharged from the hospital to help prevent rehospitalization or for a patient with a new diagnosis or new medications that would require teaching and assessment to prevent a hospitalization. A patient who has experienced a mental or physical decline in condition would also be appropriate for home health services.


Can a patient have an agency preference? 

Homecare patients have the right to choose the agency that will provide services. This is in accordance with section 1802 of the Social Security Act which “seeks to ensure that free choice is guaranteed to all Medicare patients.”


What are the agency hours of operation? 

HIghland Rim Home Health is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., except on holidays. There is a registered nurse on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How do I contact the agency? 

The Cookeville office number is 931-528-5578. Out-of-town patients may call 1-800-570-5578. Both of these numbers will roll to an answering service after hours, on the weekends and on holidays. The registered nurse on call will then return a call to the patient and/or family member to answer questions and determine what action needs to be taken.